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Jumping and trading stables J. Kraaij is a company that specialises in training horses for show jumping. Horses we train participate at all levels in the main concours competitions and international. Please find detailed training and accomodation information regarding our stables further in our site.

Our trading business operates predominantly in Europe, the US and Canada. We buy ans sell top quality jumping horses and pony’s of different competition levels. All horses and pony’s undergo a thorough examination. If required, they are further trained and escorted by our professional team. Our stables over 20 years of top quality training and trading experience in the competitive equestrain sector.




The J.Kraaij stables have an internal training arena (20 by 45 meters) with cantine facilities, an external arena (30 by 70 meters), a training mill, paddocks, grazing area and 25 generous stalls. Due to the high standard of accomodation facilities we can optimally train and cater for our horses.

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